Every year, the E3 Agency Network presents awards to members for exceptional work in international marketing. The “Best of International” (BOI) advertising campaign competition seems to grow stronger every year, and this year was no exception. Only one case from among the 26 excellent campaigns presented at the E3 Annual General Meeting in Prague May 4-5, 2012 attained the highest level of recognition from peers and earned a GOLD award.

The 2012 E3 Network Gold award for “Best of International” marketing went to German agency members Bernstein. The agency presented an inspiring case for a Bayer CropScience AG agricultural product that helps protect crops against herbicide resistance. The campaign made an “invisible” threat seem more real by giving it a face (that of a scary little monster) and spreading the message “Diversity is the Future”.

Bernstein_CropScience_E3_BOI Gold Winner

Bernstein’s campaign for Bayer CropScience won a “Gold” Award in the E3 Network Best of International campaign awards.


Bernstein created a series of “Monsters” to illustrate the hidden dangers of crop resistance.

The campaign included a multi-media approach with online and offline tools (created with support from two other E3 Network agencies, Base One  and Netural) including a mobile app for product selection.

You can get a look at one of the “Diversity of the Future” campaign preview videos here.

Or view the Bayer Weed Management YouTube Channel to watch all the highly entertaining videos.

Congratulations Bernstein Bayer team! You can read more about the E3 BOI Awards here.


E3 Agency Network welcomed a new member agency from downunder at the annual meeting in Prague on 4 May 2012.  The Australian agency, Truly Deeply, which includes the brand strategy and design superteam of  Peter Singline and David Ansett, became part of the growing international network by unanimous vote of the members.

You might wonder about the agency’s interesting name. Co-founder David Ansett said the name comes from their commitment to truly great strategy combined with a deep understanding of the brands they service. He added, “Truly Deeply was born out of the marriage of Storm Design and Brand DNA. After a collaborative relationship (call it dating) for more than a decade, the marriage is now truly, deeply consummated, one brand with multiple and significant talents.”

New E3 Network Agency Truly Deeply Australia

E3 Network welcomed aussies Peter Singline and David Ansett of Truly Deeply at the AGM in Prague.

Truly Deeply reflects more than thirty years of combined experience in the brand space. They work with clients to deliver transformational branding outcomes that significantly enhance a company’s ability to compete and grow.

“As we increasingly take on more international clients, we felt it was time to begin a collaboration with an international network,” said agency cofounder, Brand Scientist Peter Singline.

E3 agency network welcomes the new member and looks forward to working together on international brands

Visit the Truly Deeply web site at http://www.trulydeeply.com.au/and be sure to check out their blog Madly at http://www.trulydeeply.com.au/madly/

The next E3 Network Annual General Meeting (known as AGM among members) is being held in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic, and hosted by network agency members C&Com.  The meeting is scheduled for 3-5 May 2012 with two full days of workshops and member presentations, as well as fun events such as a scenic boat tour of Prague and a guided tour of the city’s historic sites.

C&Com Advertising E3 Network agency member

International Awards

The event culminates with the network’s annual “Best of International” (BOI) Awards ceremony at a Dinner Gala on Saturday evening. Formerly called the “Best of Europe,” the awards were renamed to better reflect the growing international membership of the group. The Gala event will include presentations of awards for the year’s best work from among the network’s 29 agency members.

Members will be given the chance to present their work over the course of the two-day meeting, and attendees will vote to award each case presented a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. With the scoring system used, it’s very difficult for members to earn a “Gold” award, a highly-coveted honor  for which members can be extremely proud.

The kick off to the meetings will include a special 20th Anniversary party thrown by C&Com. The agency is celebrating two decades of excellence, and E3 Network is proud to be able to share in the celebration.

Meeting Location

Prague Muncipal House E3 Network Annual General Meeting location

The E3 Network's Annual General Meeting will be held in the historic Muncipal House in lovely Prague 3-5 May 2012.

The Annual Meeting is being held in the historic Municipal House,  a national cultural landmark that is among the most significant Art Nouveau buildings in Prague. It is located in the very centre of Prague, directly neighbouring the Powder Gate.

The most significant Czech painters and sculptors of the time participated in the decoration of the Municipal House. That list included: Jan Preisler, Mikoláš Aleš, Max Švabinský, František Ženíšek, Ladislav Šaloun, Josef Mařatka, Josef Václav Myslbek, Alfons Mucha.
Since the very beginning, the Municipal House has been a multifunctional building. The halls and lounges are used to arrange conventions, conferences, concerts, balls and fashion shows. They are accessible to the general public only in the form of commented tours.
In the years 1994 – 1997 the Municipal House underwent a technically and financially demanding restoration. When it was re-opened, it once-again became a significant social and cultural centre.

Meeting Agenda

May 3 (Thursday)
16:00 – 20 year Anniversary party at C&COM Advertising

May 4 (Friday) 
9:00 – 16:00 Meeting and presentations of Cases
18.00   Guided Tour of Prague
20:00  Dinner

May 5 (Saturday)
9:00 – 16:00 Meeting and presentations of Cases
18:00   Boat trip Tourism
20:00  Gala dinner:  BOI (Best of International) awards

For more information on the meeting, contact Alena Foster at C&Com.

E3 Network agency SPS MARKETING takes a look into the future with some insights and predictions about the current trends in B2B marketing.

SPS Marketing Successful b2b communications

Social media

These channels show the decisive differences between B2C and B2B marketing. While brands such as Coca-Cola rapidly enlarge their fan communities on Facebook and thereby always place the product in the minds of the customers, a machine or plant manufacturer is faced with greater challenges. The social media is only of limited use as a sales tool in B2B. And yet, you should do it. After all, the social media is an essential channel for companies that constantly search for new, talented staff. Here you can present yourself as an attractive employer among the relevant target groups and profit from the “everyone knows everyone”-effect of big communities. Just as we do. Visit SPS MARKETING on Facebook. Also check out some of the cool videos on the new SPS MARKETING YouTube channel.

Employer branding

Employer branding will be one of the hottest topics in the B2B business in the years to come: It not only helps effectively attract new qualified employees and keep the existing key workers in the company. Appropriately targeted employer branding is also ideally suited to improve the quality within the company through a sustainable change in attitude of the staff.

Global brand management

For those who want to sustainably grow in the future markets such as China and India, global brand management is a must. Overcoming economic, ecological, social and cultural differences in an intelligent way: The international agency network E3 with SPS MARKETING as one of the driving forces, has specialized on tasks of this kind. 30 management owned B2B agencies, 600 communications experts, collaboration in a worldwide network across the globe. For more information, click here.

Ingredient branding

What differentiates our perception of Kia, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki or Hyundai? Actually, nothing – and that’s why a car supplier’s product such as a new future-oriented all-wheel drive from a Western high-tech engineering company suddenly makes the decisive difference in the communication. The product is the hero – and affects positively the overall brand. Both partners benefit from this: the car manufacturer as well as the supplier company. There will be more and more examples of this kind in the future. We will gladly show you more on ingredient branding through our ongoing work.

Interested?  Visit SPS MARKETING B2Business Class.

Looking for a way to beef up your client’s web site or add social media content that’s worthy of sharing?

Consider using video.

E3 Network agency Media Consulting have created a new video portfolio that showcases some of their skills in the video production and motion creation area. Some smooth styling and nice effects here.

Does it give you any ideas?



MC Portfolio from Mediaconsulting1996 on Vimeo.

Yes, it’s that time of year, when everyone, including agencies and even associations, think about making resolutions. In some cases, it’s about changing things that were wrong in the previous year. And in others, it’s about looking forward to a new perspective to encourage growth. In our case, maybe it’s a little of both?

So here we go. The E3 Network New Year’s Resolutions for 2012:

1. Stop being European. Ok. That might sound like a strange resolution for a European agency network, but honestly, our network has grown so much in the last two years, that we can’t really call ourselves European anymore. While in some circles invoking the name “European” has an elegant ring to it, on a more global level, it sounds very limiting to us. With members spread out across Asia, India, and North America, we need a more international name to go with our more international approach. So, we’ll just be the E3 Agency Network from now on.

2. Grow our internal international communications. Our agency members are all over the globe. At one time in the past, that may have been a very limiting possibility for actually working closely together. But not today. With all of the readily available international and social networks, communicating instantly from anywhere in the world, is not only possible, but also expected. So, one of our Network’s resolutions is to create our own instant, ongoing and essential internal communications channel…and we’ve already started it. Presently.

3. Become essential. Both to our members, and to our clients. Our network is not just about helping member agencies grow and learn. It’s also about actually doing. We are more than an association, not just a collection of agencies, but an international team that offers clients the possibility of connecting and working together on a global level. But in a very local way. With feet on the ground in more than 27 countries, our agencies offer front-line experience with an international flair. Keeping that going is about making the network matter, both to clients and members.

4. Be big. But not too big. While we like the idea of growing, and spreading our connections across the globe, we feel there is a natural limit. We avoid taking on new members that overlap in markets or focus, but also feel that there’s a happy balance between good reach and over-extended. We think we’ve just about found it. Our members will be the judge of that.

5. Be current. We added this one because, well, 5 is a good number. It might go without saying, but for agencies in the advertising and marketing business, staying current with trends, whether in business or social media, is always important. But being ubiquitous doesn’t lessen its importance as a yearly goal. For our Network, it’s not only about following the trends, but also setting them.

Happy new year to all our clients, friends and members! Wishing you a prosperous and successful year!

E3 European Agency Network members Bruketa&Žinić  in Croatia created a unique annual report for their client to offer at the annual shareholders meeting.  While presenting the numbers and company progress for the year is the main point of an annual report, this one did something else as well.

Bruketa-zini Adris Annual Report - Results

Bruketa & Zinic prepared a heavy-weight annual report for their client, the investment company Adris.

The project was called “Results”, and what’s unusual about is its weight. The best way understand, is to watch this short video about the project,

Results from Bruketa&Zinic on Vimeo.

About the project

Investment company Adris group is a socially responsible company. Its significance and weight are much greater than what is expressed in dull, dry financial statements.

That’s why this year’s Adris group annual report, named simply Results, poses a question:  What is the real weight of Adris group? And then, despite being regular in size, it answers it by being very, very heavy. The unexpected weight of the book invites the reader to consider the true weight of Adris group.

Bruketa-Zinic Annual report Adris Results

The agency also make a glow-in-the-dark version. You can watch it on Vimeo here.

What do you think about this approach?



Bruketa&Žinić OM (agency): Davor Bruketa, Nikola Žinić (Creative Directors), Ivan Čadež (Senior Copywriter, video editing), Nebojša Cvetković (Art Director, Illustrator, Designer), Ivanka Mabić (Account Director), Martina Ivkić (Account Executive), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Radovan Radičević (DTP) Cerovski Print Boutique (printing company), Brlog (online production). Adris Group / Predrag D. Grubić (editor), Kristina Miljavac (executive editor), Hrvoje Patajac (text)

We know that our E3 Network agency members are some of the most forward-thinking and creative around. But it’s nice to be validated by the “outside” world as well. The owners-founders of E3 Network’s Croatian agency, Bruketa & Zinic recently received just such recognition by being honored with the 24th Central and Southeast Europe Best Managers of the Year award.

The award ceremony was held in Sarajevo in early July. Agency founders, Davor Bruketa and Nikola Žinić, were proclaimed Managers of the Year at the event. 

Bruketa-Zinic win European managers of the year award.

Bruketa & Zinic win European managers of the year award.

The award was given by a panel of distinguished managers, economists and scientists for concrete results achieved by mangers in practice and for corporate results accomplished on the home and regional markets. The award is granted to managers and companies that have made signifianct contributions toward driving their country and the region forward in development.

Of the more than 2000 nominations and suggestions made by chambers, associations and individuals, the panel summed up the results and granted a total of 30 awards in several categories. The awards went to companies, managers, entrepreneurs and esteemed individuals from political and public life.

Among these were Ante Vlahović from Adris group (a Bruketa & Zinic client) and Gordana Kovačević, CEO of Ericsson, Nikola Tesla.


Congratulations to the newest E3 Agency members, who sweeped the Best of Europe awards in Budapest, Hungary, taking home four Golds!

Freshmen E3 agencies, Bernstein, Van Heertum Design (in collaboration with Schindler Parent), and Bruketa & Zinic  (who joined the Network just last year) took home all of the Gold awards presented in Budapest. 

The work they presented displayed a winning combination of social media, interactive, design and traditional advertising approaches. And, it could be the first time in the history of E3 Network that an agency won GOLD for its very first two entries ever into the award presentations. That very special distinction goes to Croatian team at Bruketa & Zinic, a truly talented group!

Bruketa&Žinić win gold at E3 network best of europe awards

Bruketa&Žinić won two gold awards at the E3 Network Annual Meeting for their work on campaigns for Karlovačka pivovara (Karlo) and Raiffeisen Bank (the Singer).

A peer-reviewed ranking

The E3 Network Awards involve a democratic presentation and voting system in which agencies present their nominated cases to the entire congregation of the Annual Meeting. Prior to presentation, each agency submits its best work of the previous year to the Awards nomination committee for review. Only those cases that meet the jury’s level of expectation are nominated for awards.

Each agency has 8 minutes to present their nominated campaigns and make a case to their fellow E3 network members about why they think their work is deserving of a Gold or Silver. Every meeting attendee votes to award each case a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.

In order to receive a Gold award, three out of five people must award it Gold. That is much more difficult than it sounds. Each year, there are typically only between 2-4 Gold awards from 25-35 cases presented.

In order to receive Silver, three out of five must award it Silver or higher.   Winning a Silver shows oustanding work.

And a Bronze awards goes to any nominated cases that do not reach the Gold or Silver levels.

Congratulations to all the E3 Network agencies and their presentations of truly inspiring work.

(To see the full list of E3 Award Winners,  click here).

E3 European Agency Network (the global, international network as it continues growing) welcomed two new member agencies at our Annual General Meeting in Budapest, Hungary. One is based in San Diego with a European office in Sofia Antipolis, France, and the other agency is located in Lisbon, Portugal.

Meet our newest international agency members:

  • Audacity. (San Diego, USA and Sofia Antipolis, France) Audacity is the only branding + marketing communications agency that builds high-performance life science brands with heath care providers, key opinion leaders, labs, pharma and patients, by creating brands and brand experiences that tangibly impact markets’ behaviour in their favour, through their proprietary C.O.D.E. approach. Here’s what they have to say on their web site:

We excel in unconventional brand launches and refreshes (product and corporate) and merger/acquisition brand management. Our solutions include brand research, brand positioning and architecture, naming, design, corporate identity, branded experience, brand management, and brand tracking, for both digital and traditional media.

 Audacity logo

  • Media Consulting. (Lisbon, Portugal). Offering public relations and media consulting, as well as advertising services, online marketing, web site design, audiovisual and event management. The agency is widely known throughout Portugal as one of the best (if not THE best) agency for PR and media relations. Established in1996, Media Consulting works in the field of communications consultancy, specializing in the creation and development of communication strategies tailored to the reality of each company, brand or organization.

We are very excited to be part of the global network that E3 brings to our clients and our business,” said Paula Gustavo, General Manager of Media Consulting.

media Consulting E3 network member

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