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All the news these days seems to be about how bad the global economy is. Every day there’s a new report about business closing, merging or downsizing. Yet, I talk to some clients in some industries that seem to be holding fast, or even growing. What is your situation? Is your company feeling the effects […]

The economy. What else is on the top of everyone’s mind heading into 2009? Well, at least some predictions show that not all is doomed for B2B marketers in 2009. A survey of business-to-business marketers by B2B Magazine said that six out of 10 businesses plan to launch new ad campaigns in 2009. But about […]

Marketing Sherpa’s Chart of the Week, shows an interesting trend. In a marketing downturn, companies turn to the mediums they perceive as “less expensive”…even increasing the budgets in those categories. For example, at least 48% of companies surveyed are actually ADDING to their marketing spending for social media marketing and emailing to in-house lists, while […]

With recessions looming in many countries around the world, the first thing that comes to the mind of marketers is often “budget cuts.” But is cutting the marketing budget the best idea in a recession? And if not, how do you convince your company’s CEO, or clients, that it’s a bad idea? For international marketing, […]