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Looking for a way to beef up your client’s web site or add social media content that’s worthy of sharing? Consider using video. E3 Network agency Media Consulting have created a new video portfolio that showcases some of their skills in the video production and motion creation area. Some smooth styling and nice effects here. […]

Hubspot, an inbound marketing software company based in Boston, presented a good webinar yesterday called “The Science of Timing” about when to post blogs, tweet, send emails and update Facebook fan pages. It was presented by Dan Zarrella, who calls himself “The Social Media and Viral Marketing Scientist.” Zarrella presented research  with real numbers showing the best times […]

Social Media Conference: Meshed#3 E3 European Agency Network member Netural is hosting an international social media conference called “Meshed#3″ June 22 in Linz, Austria, which will be attended by about 400 people. VISUAL TALKING Communication in Social Media is increasingly dominated by live photos, info-graphics  (like this one from Linked In’s blog, and video snippets. This […]

E3 European Agency Network is planning a several events and meetings for the coming year. Most of the meetings are for E3 member agencies only, but occasionally we invite clients and prospects to attend seminars and learn from our collective knowledge on various up-to-the-minute topics. Meetings planned for 2011 include: E3 Academy Seminar: HR Communications […]

Two of us from E3 European Agency Network were lucky enough to attend a Monitoring Social Media event presented by Influence People in Boston yesterday.  (On Twitter: #MSM10). We were both impressed and surprised by the quality of the speakers and the information presented at the event. Sometimes you go to these events and hear nothing but […]

Social media is definitely the hot new topic in the marketing world these days. Everyone’s doing it.  Or so they say. Does your company have a social media marketing strategy? For B2B brands, it’s not as easy at it looks, but at least one award-winning E3 Network Agency is taking social media seriously, for themselves and […]

Facebook recently announced the next generation of developer tools for social media applications. While the tools may be aimed at developers, they clearly have implications for global marketers and international brands. In a nutshell, the new Facebook social media plug-in tools aggregate information across multiple social media platforms from Pandora to YouTube to provide a […]

Congratulations to E3 European Agency Network members, Base One, for their recent wins in the UK B2B Marketing Online Awards ’09 on  30 November. Base One wins the title for B2B Marketing best email campaign for Juniper, Junos. And got an honourable mention for B2B Marketing best relationship marketing award. The B2B Marketing Awards are […]

A recent “on the street”  interview from iMedia Connection brings up a couple of interesting points that may resonate with international marketing agencies trying to keep up with the changes in the marketing industry.  Agencies are seeing a shift not only in the kind of work being done, but also  fundamental changes in the way […]

The platforms and playing fields are constantly changing. Drew Hubbard provides a few good times for how to keep up with SEO on Facebook and Twitter in this article. Your social media presence means nothing without traffic, and search engines are one of the best ways to get it. Follow these tips when building your […]