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 E3 member agency, Netural, invites E3 members, customers, business partners and friends to join their annual Autumn Festival featuring food, a live band and a surprising show.   This year’s festival features the theme “Pioneers” and will be hosted in the former Linz tobacco factory.  The event is held in the heart of the “Festival of […]

The economy. What else is on the top of everyone’s mind heading into 2009? Well, at least some predictions show that not all is doomed for B2B marketers in 2009. A survey of business-to-business marketers by B2B Magazine said that six out of 10 businesses plan to launch new ad campaigns in 2009. But about […]

Marketing Sherpa’s Chart of the Week, shows an interesting trend. In a marketing downturn, companies turn to the mediums they perceive as “less expensive”…even increasing the budgets in those categories. For example, at least 48% of companies surveyed are actually ADDING to their marketing spending for social media marketing and emailing to in-house lists, while […]