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Is your company looking to expand internationally? Or wanting to start a marketing campaign in another country, either outside of Europe or expanding into Europe or Asia? Knowing which way to turn for solid marketing advice and strategic planning  can be challenging. But for E3 Network agencies, planning international marketing campaigns that start locally and […]

 E3 member agency, Netural, invites E3 members, customers, business partners and friends to join their annual Autumn Festival featuring food, a live band and a surprising show.   This year’s festival features the theme “Pioneers” and will be hosted in the former Linz tobacco factory.  The event is held in the heart of the “Festival of […]

Marketing Sherpa shared the results of their survey about the biggest challenges facing B2B Marketers. Not surprisingly, generating high-quality leads came out on top. Interestingly, the long decision making cycles for buyer consideration of B2B markets ranked well below the ability to generate leads. For agencies working with clients in the B2B market, we wonder […]

Media Buyer Planner reported that French president Nicolas Sarkozy has pledged nearly $780 million in emergency aid for his country’s troubled newspaper industry. France’s newspaper industry is among the least profitable in Europe. It is hampered by communist print unions and a lack of kiosks that sell papers, and suffers from a declining readership that […]

Ditch the Pitch


(Article provided by E3 associated network, ABBA). How did you select your current agency? If the experience of ABBA members is anything to go by you probably asked 3 or 4 agencies to take part in an unpaid creative pitch. It has become the standard approach. But is it fair? And is it effective? I […]