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For the eighth year in a row, the E3 Agency network member, Bruketa&Žinić OM has been named the best agency in Croatia at the awards ceremony of the national advertising festival IdejaX. The agency won the Grand Prize for the project QR postage stamp produced for Croatian post at the event held in Umag on 11 and 12 […]

Looking for a way to beef up your client’s web site or add social media content that’s worthy of sharing? Consider using video. E3 Network agency Media Consulting have created a new video portfolio that showcases some of their skills in the video production and motion creation area. Some smooth styling and nice effects here. […]

E3 Network is proud to announce that one of our own has made the shortlist for the Metro Golden Stone Awards  in the Czech Republic. C&COM Advertising was added to the public voting list for work on the HEMPEL campaign. Some 20 millions of Metro readers in 20 different countries will have a chance to vote on […]

The magazine “Creative Director” takes a closer look at the working process of E3 Member Agency Van Heertum Design, and its unique selling point ‘Design Plus’. Why is it that clients from all over the world come to VHD in the Netherlands for their designs? In this article the special working method ‘Design Plus” is […]

When it comes to international branding, this is probably one of the Best Cases for Social Media branding ever: Tourism Queensland. Remember this campaign? “The Best Job in the World?” When the Queensland Australia board of tourism wanted to put their beautiful island on the world map, and in the international consciousness as a vacation […]

If you’re presenting data and information in old-fashioned charts and graphs, you’re just not as with-it as David McCandless, a London-based author, writer and designer. David’s “Information is Beautiful” blog site takes the idea of presenting mounds of data in a way that is not only informative but also intriguing…and one might even say beautiful. […]

For every international marketer who successfully brings a cross-cultural campaign global, there are multiple stories of major campaigns that make huge flubs. More than just translation errors, the campaign failures are usually fundamental cultural oversights…everything from taboo topics to unfortunate timing. Such blunders are usually only avoided by having a finger on the pulse or […]

At an E3 European Agency Network meeting in October, we asked member agencies what the most common cross-cultural, or intercultural, points of pain for their international clients were. Some of the answers were surprising. How do yours compare? Survey: What are the biggest problems your international clients face in cross-cultural marketing? 1. Marketing built mostly […]

China and other fast-growing economies in the Far East are becoming lands of opportunity to an increasing number of Western marketing communications agencies whose clients are facing the worst local markets in decades. What should be taken into account in agencies with clients looking to expand to China? First of all, it would be good […]

Perhaps once it was a physical land barrier. Then even a language difference. But the cultural divide today might be said to be one of media preference.  There are those who consume their media online…and  those who decidedly prefer the printed page. In some cases, this division may be one of country borders (in Europe, […]