The New Cultural Divide


Perhaps once it was a physical land barrier. Then even a language difference. But the cultural divide today might be said to be one of media preference.  There are those who consume their media online…and  those who decidedly prefer the printed page. In some cases, this division may be one of country borders (in Europe, countries like Italy and Spain are often considered behind the curve when it comes to online access. But more and more, the division seems to be one of generation.

Yes, grandma might have an email account, but will does she keep up with news by Twitter or by reading her local newspaper (which more and more commonly may be folding or going strictly digital?

I live in a small but relatively long-lived town by US standards (established in 1682), where the average age approaches 60 and the local newspaper (and the free direct-mail circulars) obviously skew to those born before 1950.

It begs the question: do those born after 1980 even read printed pages? If you’re an advertiser or marker, it really is essential to know your target audience’s age.

Will the printed word soon become the electronic or visual word?

With the folding of many large newspapers in the U.S.  in favor of online versions only, one has to wonder if the days of print are numbered.

What do you think?


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