The Best International Tourism Campaign Ever?


When it comes to international branding, this is probably one of the Best Cases for Social Media branding ever: Tourism Queensland.

Remember this campaign? “The Best Job in the World?” When the Queensland Australia board of tourism wanted to put their beautiful island on the world map, and in the international consciousness as a vacation paradise, they came up with a unique plan. They placed a few job opening ads in newspapers around the world, offering “The Best Job in the World.” Live on in luxurious beach-front home, on a beautiful vacation island off the Greater Barrier Reef with an annual salary of $150,000 Austrialian/year. The only work: feed the fish, clean the pool and blog about it.
The campaign received what is estimated to be worth more than $80 Billion US in free publicity with more than 6,000 news stories worldwide. The web site received more than 4 million hits an hour on day one of the campaign, more than 1.4 million applicants for the job, and nearly 3.4 million unique visits to the web site over 6 weeks.
Here’s a great video summarizing the campaign.
Tourism Queensland

That’s what we call a really successful international marketing campaign!

Does that give you any ideas? Do you have any other great international branding campaigns you want to share?

3 Responses to “The Best International Tourism Campaign Ever?”

  1. Thanks for this news.

  2. Here’s another Australian site that’s similar to “Best Job in the World”, but instead of being a ‘job’, the guy is offering to pay someone’s flights and give them his apartment for free for a year, while he travels to England with his girlfriend.

    Applicants have to upload a video and pay $20, but the guy in the video explains that he hopes there will be enough applicants to cover his mortgage repayments while he’s away.

    I think it’s a pretty cool idea interested to see how it goes.. and for $20 I’m even tempted to put in a video myself..

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