You may think you’ve seen interesting annual report covers (or maybe, on the other hand, you think that annual report covers could never be interesting). Well, either way, your idea of creativity will be stretched with this annual report created for Adris by E3 Network agency members Bruketa&Žinic  OM.

Watch this video presentation to see it.

Adris – In good hands from Bruketa&Zinic OM on Vimeo.

The second issue of E3 Network’s Global Insights Magazine offers advice to international businesses on building a strong brand reputation. Entitled “Leveraging Your Brand for Sales Growth: Perspectives, Procedures and Profundities,” it was written by E3 member agency Aloft Group, based near Boston, USA.

E3 Global Insights Magazine Managing Brand Reputation

E3’s Second Issue of Global Insights Magazine covers managing your international brand story.

This issue is all about building a strong brand story. What does that mean? Well, it’s everything from aligning your brand story with your sales objectives, to planning your strategy effectively,  to managing your online reputation through social media. This magazine tells you how. Aloft Group President and CEO Matt Bowen says:

“Now more than ever, differentiating your organization from the crowd requires that you successfully develop and communicate your unique brand story.  It is not only imperative to distinguishing your brand in the market, but also essential to giving your sales team what they need to be successful.”

Read the second issue of the monthly Global Insights Magazine at the E3 website or on the Aloft Group website.

As a China-based Inte­grated Mar­ket­ing and PR Agency, E3 members Adsmith China have man­aged the suc­cess­ful tran­si­tion of many brands into the Chi­nese mar­ket. Draw­ing on his highly valu­able exper­tise, agency founder Mike Golden, an American living abroad, together with Australian blogger David Ansett of Truly Deeply, have com­piled a list of the most impor­tant things for busi­nesses to con­sider when launch­ing a brand into China:

Adsmith china entering asia china brand planning strategy public relations marketing

01. Pre­pare to be per­sis­tent and patient. Take your busi­ness plan and dou­ble or even triple the amount of time.

02. China isn’t that cheap anymore.

03. HR Headaches. Hire the best peo­ple you can find. And then be pre­pared to let them go after major disappointments.

04. Visit China 10 times before start­ing any­thing. Talk to as many peo­ple as you can.

05. Make sure your busi­ness has a Chi­nese brand name and that you trade­mark it in China.

06. Be aware that ‘main­land’ China, Tai­wan (Man­darin or Stan­dard Chi­nese) and Hong Kong (Can­tonese) use dif­fer­ent speech as well as writ­ten char­ac­ters. You will need sep­a­rate entry strate­gies for these regions.

07. Be sure to make busi­ness cards (prefer­ably with Chi­nese and a Chi­nese ver­sion of your name) before vis­it­ing. Don’t use Google Trans­late for this (one client showed up with “Black Con­quer Death” on his card).

08. Brace your­self for long ban­quets with poten­tial clients. These may include toast­ing red wine in shot glasses, long pours of warm beer, and uniden­ti­fi­able meats. Suck­ing this up is what ‘cul­tur­ally sen­si­tive’ means.

09. Keep con­trol of your brand image and mar­ket­ing col­lat­er­als. Keep­ing your inter­na­tional image is impor­tant; the local mar­ket­ing agency can help make sure the text and pho­tos make sense in Chi­nese and por­tray your brand iden­tity and posi­tion correctly.

10. Last but not least…don’t be scared off by all this! The mar­ket in China is fan­tas­tic and Chi­nese are ready to do busi­ness. Huanying! 欢迎!

Whether you are a brand strug­gling to make head­way in the Chi­nese mar­ket, with plans to launch there soon, or are keen to develop our brand with an eye to China in the future, E3 agencies are uniquely posi­tioned to help you achieve those goals.

China PR Marketing Communications Social Media Adsmith China

Mike Golden and his team at Adsmith China focus on marketing communications and public relations to help launch brands in Asia.

Feel free to contact David Ansett or Mike Golden to see how they can help you take your brand into China.

(And thanks, guys, for the post!)

E3 Agency Truly Deeply recently spent a few days in Belgium with fellow E3 agency member BBC on a deep dive into the essential elements of employer branding. David Ansett, Chief Cre­ator of Brands at Truly Deeply, wrote up a great blog summarizing the key elements of what makes employer branding essential for the coming decades. We’ve included an excerpt below. For more, visit the Truly Deeply website.

“As mar­kets in every cor­ner of the world become more com­pet­i­tive, per­haps the last gen­uine oppor­tu­nity for busi­nesses to dif­fer­en­ti­ate is through attract­ing and retain­ing the very best tal­ent. With this in mind the role of HR or Employer Brand­ing is with­out doubt more crit­i­cal to organ­i­sa­tions than ever before — busi­nesses who have devel­oped a strate­gic approach to attract­ing tal­ent hold a dis­tinct advan­tage over their com­peti­tors.” – David Ansett, Chief Cre­ator of Brands at Truly Deeply.

BBC Truly Deeply Employer Branding Deep Dive

Truly Deeply and BBC spent several days on a Deep Dive into Employer Branding strategy.

Five rea­sons why Employer Brand­ing is indis­pens­able in Business

1. War for tal­ent con­tin­ues
As the war for tal­ent con­tin­ues in times of eco­nomic dif­fi­culty, attract­ing and retain­ing the right peo­ple becomes even harder and even more essen­tial. Good employ­ees are key to your busi­ness’ growth; and it’s not just about find­ing the right tal­ent in terms of skills and edu­ca­tion. Find­ing peo­ple that match your com­pany DNA, your cul­ture, goals, ambi­tion and val­ues is vital for retain­ment as well. This DNA lies at the heart of your employer brand.

2. Not every com­pany is Apple or Red­bull
Ama­zon, Apple, Red­bull, Google — who would not want to work for them? But only rarely is a company’s brand strong enough to make peo­ple start their careers there because of its famous prod­uct or ser­vice. Most com­pa­nies need a care­fully and truth­fully crafted employer brand to attract, recruit and retain the right peo­ple. That is why an employer brand needs its very own approach and has its very own dynamics.

03. Retain­ing good employ­ees is essen­tial
The only way to recruit and retain the right peo­ple is by align­ing your exter­nal and inter­nal com­mu­ni­ca­tion efforts. A suc­cess­ful employer brand is truth­ful: it real­is­ti­cally con­veys the way employ­ers and can­di­dates expe­ri­ence the com­pany, but does so in a cre­ative way that speaks to the imag­i­na­tion. It’s all about mak­ing the right promises — and then keep­ing them. That is why employer brand­ing helps align­ing man­age­ment, mar­ket­ing, HR and business.

4. Tal­ent ‘shops’ for employ­ers
As more employ­ers fish in the same tal­ent pond, tal­ent itself looks around before decid­ing where to work, more than ever. It Googles com­pa­nies, asks friends for opin­ions and expe­ri­ences with employ­ers, peo­ple share work­ing expe­ri­ences eas­ily — offline and online. This means you have to be ‘found’ as an employer with your side of the story: employer brand­ing ensures your employer value propo­si­tion (EVP) is authen­ti­cally and evenly com­mu­ni­cated and found across all chan­nels.

5. It makes recruit­ment more effi­cient
As can­di­dates become increas­ingly aware of who you are as an employer, recruit­ment becomes more effi­cient and cost-effective in time. You’ll ben­e­fit from a larger can­di­date pool, employ­ees are more likely to become ambas­sadors which causes employee engage­ment and refer­rals to increase. It will take less time and effort to hire the right can­di­dates and you’ll spend less time deal­ing with non-matching profiles.

Is your company looking to expand internationally? Or wanting to start a marketing campaign in another country, either outside of Europe or expanding into Europe or Asia? Knowing which way to turn for solid marketing advice and strategic planning  can be challenging.

But for E3 Network agencies, planning international marketing campaigns that start locally and grow globally is part of standard operations. In fact, Global Insights in the name of a new magazine that E3 Network is publishing monthly to share some of the broad agency experience and expertise with you.

global Insights Magazine E3  Agency Network expertise advice

Each issue of Global Insights Magazine focuses on a different marketing topic and is edited by a different agency from around the world.

Global Insights magazine covers a variety of topics ranging from healthcare marketing, B2B challenges, branding strategy, Asian marketing, and government and public sector marketing.  Each issue is written and edited by a different international agency from a different country.

The first issue focuses on Employer Branding and HR communications, and is entitled “Making Recruitment Work.”  It was written and published by BBC Creativity of Belgium, an E3 Agency Network member that focuses on B2B marketing.  The premiere issue of Global Insights includes valuable advice, tools and case studies to assist companies in building their employer brand and improve recruiting and retention.  You can view it here and sign up to receive each issue by email.

We love it when E3 agencies support worthy causes by donating their time and talent to organizations that help make the world a better place. This month, E3 Agency Network’s Hungarian members at Cafe Design, created a logo and business cards for the Breath Association, a humanitarian group of physicians who provide lung transplants for needy patients.

The new design gives a helping hand to the association. The printing was donated by Avaloni Printing House at its own expense.
Logo Design business cards Hungarian Breath Association lung transplants

Read more at the Cafe Design blog.

For advertising and marketers, awards may not be the reason for doing great work, but they sure are nice to have.  E3 Network is proud of Croatian members Bruketa & Zinic for recently winning an Effie, an award based on a global marketing effectiveness rating. Bruketa&Zinic were listed as one of the most Effective Independent Agencies Globally. 

Launched in 2011, the Effie Index recognizes the architects of the most effective marketing communications ideas from around the world. The rankings are created by Effie Worldwide and Warc, the global marketing intelligence service.

The Effie wordwide report listed the Most Effective Independent Agencies Globally: McKinney (Durham, NC, USA), Bruketa&Zinic OM (Zagreb, Croatia), a third place tie between Wieden+Kennedy (Portland, OR, USA) and Jung von Matt (Hamburg), with ACG Advertising Agency (Budapest) in fifth place.

Congratulations team!

Visit for complete global rankings of the Effie Effectiveness Index.

In the spirit of international cooperation, E3 Network Agency members C&COM Advertising of the Czech Republic and BBC Creativity of Belgium, coordinated a special trip into history on 15 June 2012 for employees of the multinational company AGC Glass Europe, the leading European flat glass manufacturer.

Prague-based C&COM arranged the historical tour of the Czech countryside for the client of fellow E3 members, Belgian BBC Creativity, as part of a two-day “Meet AGC! Event.“ On the first day AGC employees and clients visited the AGC plant located in Chuderice, Czech Republic, and on the second day, they took the special tour.

E3 Network client AGC glass Europe BBC Creativity Belgium C&COM Advertising Prague

AGC Glass Europe representatives from Belgium, Russia, France, Italy and Czech Republic surrounded by historical cars.

The group visited Karlstejn Castle, just outside of Prague, and heard a lecture on the tradition of beer production in the Strahov Monastic Brewery. The company employees were transported in 25 vintage luxury cars dating from the early 20th century. They enjoyed the brewery products during the closing banquet.

Want to come visit Prague? Contact C&COM to see what they can do for you!

When it comes to building a strong brand, one of the staple elements for many agencies is to develop a “Brand bible” for clients. Ideally, these books tell people in the organization how to create a unified brand tone of voice. From the CEO giving a talk to shareholders to a marketing exec creating an email blast, the brand bible may outline the many themes and messages the brand needs to address.

Agency Guide building brands how to

However, not all brand bibles do what they should.  In fact, one might even question their value in some cases.

John Bottom at Base One, had this to say in a recent blog post:

The problem I have with these documents is that many of them then lazily go on to suggest examples of the style of English you should use. Happily patronising the reader within an inch of his or her life, these guides make the same sweeping generalisations about writing style which are at best misleading and restrictive, at worst, simply wrong.

Making it sound real

Bottom presents several tips for making Brand Bibles what they truly should be: a way to help a brand reinforce its differences.

He goes on to point out the problems with typical brand bible recommendations. In fact, he goes so far as to tell you:

1. Jargon is OK. (If you know when to use it).

2. Using big words is OK, too. (If you want to sound eloquent and educated).

3. Long sentences are not always the wrong approach. (Especially if short ones will make you sound like a rapid fire machine gun.)

4. Passive voice is OK. (If you think  it fits the tone and mood you want to create.

What does your brand have to say?

Read Bottom’s Post on the Base One blog here.

For the eighth year in a row, the E3 Agency network member, Bruketa&Žinić OM has been named the best agency in Croatia at the awards ceremony of the national advertising festival IdejaX. The agency won the Grand Prize for the project QR postage stamp produced for Croatian post at the event held in Umag on 11 and 12 May 2012. The same project won the award for “Best Use of Technology” and the best project in the category “Business services and industry products.”  It also won a Silver Award at the E3 Agency Network Awards Ceremony 5 May 2012 (narrowly missing the coveted Gold award).

Bruketa&Žinić OM also won several other awards at the IdejaX festival, including one for the TV commercial “Bedtime” for Belupo, and one for the visual identity of Hotel Lone.

IdejaX is Croatia’s national advertising festival, organized by the Croatian Association for Market Communication (HURA) and the Croatian branch of the European Association for Digital and Interactive Marketing (IAB). Read more about the awards at the agency’s web site (

E3 Agency Network members Bruketa & Zinic OM receive Croatian Agency of Year award

E3 International Agency Network members Bruketa & Zinic OM received the Croatian Agency of Year award for the 8th year in a row.

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