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Is your company looking to expand internationally? Or wanting to start a marketing campaign in another country, either outside of Europe or expanding into Europe or Asia? Knowing which way to turn for solid marketing advice and strategic planning  can be challenging. But for E3 Network agencies, planning international marketing campaigns that start locally and […]

All the news these days seems to be about how bad the global economy is. Every day there’s a new report about business closing, merging or downsizing. Yet, I talk to some clients in some industries that seem to be holding fast, or even growing. What is your situation? Is your company feeling the effects […]

Like a shot heard round the world, (a line referencing the start of the American Revolutionary War), the election of Barrack Obama signals the beginning of something new in America. It’s no secret that most of the world was rooting for Obama to win (see map below). Polls showed that in countries such as France […]

Welcome to our Blog. We’re working on creating interesting and thoughtful views of cross-cultural marketing, international branding and other topics that warm our multi-lingual hearts. We may avoid the obvious (like cliches and idioms that don’t translate well) and focus on more in-depth ideas. The whys and whens of localizing a campaign, the how-tos of […]