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There may be some good news ahead for agencies who focus on creating solid content for clients: Whether for sales support, web sites or seminars, content is one area that is least likely to be cut from the budget. When expensive TV ad campaigns, large-scale print advertising, and branding campaigns start to feel the pinch, […]

Forecasts show marketing budgets for 2009 shrinking, and marketers are facing the question of how to make the most of what they have left. Check any blog, magazine or marketing portal site, and you’ll find plenty of experts suggesting that the best way to make effective use of shrinking budgets is by investing more funds […]

The economy. What else is on the top of everyone’s mind heading into 2009? Well, at least some predictions show that not all is doomed for B2B marketers in 2009. A survey of business-to-business marketers by B2B Magazine said that six out of 10 businesses plan to launch new ad campaigns in 2009. But about […]