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Una Coleman at Bloggertone recently posted a very funny and insightful article about cross-cultural marketing, which focused on remembering that what is funny in one culture may be misunderstood in another. Not only can colloquial expressions be taken the wrong way , but certain gestures or references can be offensive. Cultural references, something as simple […]

A typical definition of cross-cultural marketing, at least in the academic sense, often focuses on the differences between communication styles (or needs) among members of different cultures. Search the topic in Google and you’ll find representative articles ranging from what is culturally appropriate in Japan to the subtle differences in messages despite the best translation […]

Welcome to our Blog. We’re working on creating interesting and thoughtful views of cross-cultural marketing, international branding and other topics that warm our multi-lingual hearts. We may avoid the obvious (like cliches and idioms that don’t translate well) and focus on more in-depth ideas. The whys and whens of localizing a campaign, the how-tos of […]