Cross-cultural tips


Una Coleman at Bloggertone recently posted a very funny and insightful article about cross-cultural marketing, which focused on remembering that what is funny in one culture may be misunderstood in another.

Not only can colloquial expressions be taken the wrong way , but certain gestures or references can be offensive.

Cultural references, something as simple as “How’s the craic” can leave our listeners with a blank stare.  For the non Irish craic (pronounced, crack) is Irish for fun and a colloquialism that trips off our tongues.

So whether you are preparing an ad campaign for a client in another country, or planning a meeting across the pond, remember to bring a “kindler and gentler” version of yourself.

I would add an 11th (or 12th if you count her last comment), to the list to 10 Tips for Cross Cultural Marketing:

12. Be Patient. Don’t expect decisions or conversations to move at the same speed (or the reverse, to be given the same level of consideration) that you are used to. Some cultures want to keep projects, and meetings moving along, and others want to explore every nuance. Adjust your expectations to your client’s or business partner’s needs.

Take a peak at Bloggertone’s article on cross cultural marketing:

How’s the craic? 10 Tips for Cross Cultural Marketing and Networking


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