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Is your company looking to expand internationally? Or wanting to start a marketing campaign in another country, either outside of Europe or expanding into Europe or Asia? Knowing which way to turn for solid marketing advice and strategic planning  can be challenging. But for E3 Network agencies, planning international marketing campaigns that start locally and […]

When it comes to international branding, this is probably one of the Best Cases for Social Media branding ever: Tourism Queensland. Remember this campaign? “The Best Job in the World?” When the Queensland Australia board of tourism wanted to put their beautiful island on the world map, and in the international consciousness as a vacation […]

For every international marketer who successfully brings a cross-cultural campaign global, there are multiple stories of major campaigns that make huge flubs. More than just translation errors, the campaign failures are usually fundamental cultural oversights…everything from taboo topics to unfortunate timing. Such blunders are usually only avoided by having a finger on the pulse or […]

China and other fast-growing economies in the Far East are becoming lands of opportunity to an increasing number of Western marketing communications agencies whose clients are facing the worst local markets in decades. What should be taken into account in agencies with clients looking to expand to China? First of all, it would be good […]

Just because everyone can do it, doesn’t mean that just anyone should. Sending out poorly written emails at any stage in the customer relationship reflects poorly on your company.  Richard Bush, Managing Director of E3 Network agency, Base One Group, recently made this point in a blog post for B2B Marketing Online Blog. Companies seem […]

A typical definition of cross-cultural marketing, at least in the academic sense, often focuses on the differences between communication styles (or needs) among members of different cultures. Search the topic in Google and you’ll find representative articles ranging from what is culturally appropriate in Japan to the subtle differences in messages despite the best translation […]