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We know that our E3 Network agency members are some of the most forward-thinking and creative around. But it’s nice to be validated by the “outside” world as well. The owners-founders of E3 Network’s Croatian agency, Bruketa & Zinic recently received just such recognition by being honored with the 24th Central and Southeast Europe Best […]

(Originally posted in Dutch on the BBC blog, B2B Marketing, Belgium. Translated and used by E3 Network with permission). Think before you post… You have an employer brand. You want to support your good influx of young workers online, and you know that many of them swim daily in social channels. In fact, you are […]

Our network is growing…and not just European anymore. E3 was pleased to welcome five new agency members at the Annual Meeting in Aarhus, Denmark, 6-8 May, bringing the agency total to 23 members. Three of the new member agencies are outside Europe: in North America, South America and China. As the world becomes more international, […]

E3 European Agency Network member German-based Schindler-Parent has a cool new tool on their web site that will give brands an overall “grade.” Their brand check tool, Markencheck, is currently only available in German, but may be offered in English as some point in the future. This free service consists of a step-by-step analysis, providing […]

E3 European Agency Network member Base One has started a new Linked In Group hosted by group owner David Thomas. The group offers a place for B2B (‘creatives only’) to discuss issues related to working in the B2B area, share ideas, tips and approaches. Compared to B2C, there are relatively few forums for B2B creatives […]

For every international marketer who successfully brings a cross-cultural campaign global, there are multiple stories of major campaigns that make huge flubs. More than just translation errors, the campaign failures are usually fundamental cultural oversights…everything from taboo topics to unfortunate timing. Such blunders are usually only avoided by having a finger on the pulse or […]

At an E3 European Agency Network meeting in October, we asked member agencies what the most common cross-cultural, or intercultural, points of pain for their international clients were. Some of the answers were surprising. How do yours compare? Survey: What are the biggest problems your international clients face in cross-cultural marketing? 1. Marketing built mostly […]

While it may seem like all the news is doom and gloom and marketing agencies are facing nothing but hard times, we know of at least one agency that is making the brave move into new territory. UK-based Base One Group recently expanded its international operation into the Netherlands, bringing in Holger Ambroselli, a partner […]

For companies looking to create a global brand, having the right information about cultural differences and trends is imperative. International marketing agencies and networks with local connections offer go-to teams for launching campaigns across borders. But even more than that, finding the right research partner to spot trends as well as global changes, can make […]