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The second issue of E3 Network’s Global Insights Magazine offers advice to international businesses on building a strong brand reputation. Entitled “Leveraging Your Brand for Sales Growth: Perspectives, Procedures and Profundities,” it was written by E3 member agency Aloft Group, based near Boston, USA. This issue is all about building a strong brand story. What […]

When it comes to international branding, this is probably one of the Best Cases for Social Media branding ever: Tourism Queensland. Remember this campaign? “The Best Job in the World?” When the Queensland Australia board of tourism wanted to put their beautiful island on the world map, and in the international consciousness as a vacation […]

Are agencies being cheated in their negotiations for compensation with brands? Are brands being treated unfairly? Are pay-for-performance models fair? In this iMedia Connection article, Adam Broitman does a good job of highlighting the issues that agencies and brands should consider when entering negotiations.  His survey points out some interesting results about how both sides […]

By Gertraud Eibl, SPS Tap into a growing and increasingly important market segment The term brand is not a new one. But the term employer brand is rather young compared to its “big brother”, the brand. Today in many market segments and industries around the world companies and HR managers are competing for the top […]

Ordinarily, calling someone narrow minded would seem like an insult (in certain circles anyway). However, at the last E3 conference in Toronto, Tim Williams, author of “Take a Stand for Your Brand,” talked about how agencies should narrow their focus in order gain traction as sought-after specialists. “Narrow is not the same as small,” Williams […]