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E3 Agency Truly Deeply recently spent a few days in Belgium with fellow E3 agency member BBC on a deep dive into the essential elements of employer branding. David Ansett, Chief Cre­ator of Brands at Truly Deeply, wrote up a great blog summarizing the key elements of what makes employer branding essential for the coming decades. We’ve included […]

When it comes to building a strong brand, one of the staple elements for many agencies is to develop a “Brand bible” for clients. Ideally, these books tell people in the organization how to create a unified brand tone of voice. From the CEO giving a talk to shareholders to a marketing exec creating an […]

When it comes to international branding, this is probably one of the Best Cases for Social Media branding ever: Tourism Queensland. Remember this campaign? “The Best Job in the World?” When the Queensland Australia board of tourism wanted to put their beautiful island on the world map, and in the international consciousness as a vacation […]

High-five to Dustin Pons at Aloft Group (an E3 Network member agency) for sending us a heads-up about the recent four-day Sustainable Brands 2010 Conference he attended in Monterey, CA last week. The conference was a cutting-edge look at how brand and marketing professionals can come to grips with the changing economic, environmental and social […]

(Originally posted in Dutch on the BBC blog, B2B Marketing, Belgium. Translated and used by E3 Network with permission). Think before you post… You have an employer brand. You want to support your good influx of young workers online, and you know that many of them swim daily in social channels. In fact, you are […]

A rose by any other name would still smell sweet but would you really want to sniff one called “The Big Stink?” Probably not. And when it comes to advertising and marketing agency names… maybe even more so than product names…having something that stands out from the crowd and makes an impression can make the […]

E3 European Agency Network member German-based Schindler-Parent has a cool new tool on their web site that will give brands an overall “grade.” Their brand check tool, Markencheck, is currently only available in German, but may be offered in English as some point in the future. This free service consists of a step-by-step analysis, providing […]

With the land rush  that occurred when Facebook announced the availability of “vanity” names on June 13, 2009, now mostly over, we can all relax and enjoy our short URLs (or should we say tinyURL), right? It’s very strange that we set up a Vanity name for E3 European Agency Network ( on that day […]

Ok, so this new “web site that  isn’t a web site” idea by Boone Oakley (a not-afraid-to-take-chances independent agency in North Carolina, USA) has received some accolades for being creative…but will it work? As agencies strive to be the first to come up with the next great idea, and integrate more forms of digital media […]

Are agencies being cheated in their negotiations for compensation with brands? Are brands being treated unfairly? Are pay-for-performance models fair? In this iMedia Connection article, Adam Broitman does a good job of highlighting the issues that agencies and brands should consider when entering negotiations.  His survey points out some interesting results about how both sides […]