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We love it when E3 agencies support worthy causes by donating their time and talent to organizations that help make the world a better place. This month, E3 Agency Network’s Hungarian members at Cafe Design, created a logo and business cards for the Breath Association, a humanitarian group of physicians who provide lung transplants for needy […]

E3 European Agency Network members Bruketa&Žinić  in Croatia created a unique annual report for their client to offer at the annual shareholders meeting.  While presenting the numbers and company progress for the year is the main point of an annual report, this one did something else as well. The project was called “Results”, and what’s […]

E3 Network is proud to announce that one of our own has made the shortlist for the Metro Golden Stone Awards  in the Czech Republic. C&COM Advertising was added to the public voting list for work on the HEMPEL campaign. Some 20 millions of Metro readers in 20 different countries will have a chance to vote on […]

The magazine “Creative Director” takes a closer look at the working process of E3 Member Agency Van Heertum Design, and its unique selling point ‘Design Plus’. Why is it that clients from all over the world come to VHD in the Netherlands for their designs? In this article the special working method ‘Design Plus” is […]

The moment you’ve been waiting for…. the announcement of this year’s Best of Europe awards for advertising and marketing. Every year, E3 European Agency Network reviews and ranks the best advertising and marketing cases to bestow Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to members. This year, 21 cases were nominated, and 3 Gold awards, 12 Silver […]

It’s the time of year all E3 Agencies have been waiting for: Not Christmas, not the Olympics, not summer holidays…the Annual Best of Europe Awards! The E3 European Agency Network is now accepting entries for the annual Annual Best of Europe (BOE) Awards. Bronze, Silver and Gold awards will be presented at the next Annual […]

E3 European Agency Network member Base One has started a new Linked In Group hosted by group owner David Thomas. The group offers a place for B2B (‘creatives only’) to discuss issues related to working in the B2B area, share ideas, tips and approaches. Compared to B2C, there are relatively few forums for B2B creatives […]

A successful web site redesign is about more than just the colors chosen and cool features added to the page. Careful planning that starts with a clear goal and measurable results are equally important. Yet, amazingly, a large number of redesigns are done backwards. A cool design is created and then goals and measurements are […]

I don’t get it. Haven’t they gotten the message yet? Flash web sites are still 99% bad. They annoy people by making them wait for content. Flash web sites are not well indexed by Search engines. Flash web sites are not user friendly. If your code is not well optimized for spiders, your web site […]