9 steps to a successful site redesign


A successful web site redesign is about more than just the colors chosen and cool features added to the page. Careful planning that starts with a clear goal and measurable results are equally important. Yet, amazingly, a large number of redesigns are done backwards. A cool design is created and then goals and measurements are built around it.

In his article, 9 steps to a successful site redesign, Marc S. Levitt talks about key steps you need to take to make the redesign a success.

Understandably, you need to start with a plan. A clear roadmap for how the site will work.  Get everyone on board so you know which major areas of the site have prominence and how they link together.

Also, make sure the site functions well and has intuitive navigation …don’t add features because you think they are cool if they don’t serve to meet your user’s goals.

Get buy-in from stakeholders and get data on the current site performance so you have something real to base your design around.

You’ll also want to ensure that content stays fresh by including a method to rotate and update content.

Levitt offers 9 suggestions. Do you have any more?


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