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Wordtracker’s latest e-book, Wordtracker Masterclass: Link Building – How to build links to your website for SEO, traffic and response, is a detailed guide to the essential craft of link building. Written by Ken McGaffin and Mark Nunney, it offers the insider scoop on how link building will help your web site increase its performance […]

The platforms and playing fields are constantly changing. Drew Hubbard provides a few good times for how to keep up with SEO on Facebook and Twitter in this article. Your social media presence means nothing without traffic, and search engines are one of the best ways to get it. Follow these tips when building your […]

Ok, so this new “web site that  isn’t a web site” idea by Boone Oakley (a not-afraid-to-take-chances independent agency in North Carolina, USA) has received some accolades for being creative…but will it work? As agencies strive to be the first to come up with the next great idea, and integrate more forms of digital media […]

There’s a lot of hype now about the benefits of social media in the corporate world. Does it translate to the B2B world? How can you use social media to connect with your audiences? In a recent iMedia article, Andrew Rodrigues, discuss the “5 ways to create content for social media and SEO.” He explains […]

I don’t get it. Haven’t they gotten the message yet? Flash web sites are still 99% bad. They annoy people by making them wait for content. Flash web sites are not well indexed by Search engines. Flash web sites are not user friendly. If your code is not well optimized for spiders, your web site […]