New International LinkedIn Group for Creatives Only


E3 European Agency Network member Base One has started a new Linked In Group hosted by group owner David Thomas.

The group offers a place for B2B (‘creatives only’) to discuss issues related to working in the B2B area, share ideas, tips and approaches. Compared to B2C, there are relatively few forums for B2B creatives to discuss issues and challenges, so the group started by Base One is your place for discussion!

David told us, ” The general idea was that compared to the b2c side, there is no dedicated b2b gathering place for creatives to discuss issues and challenges that relate solely to them.” David said the group is for ‘people working in the creative department only’ because there are issues that relate to them only. “It shouldn’t and hopefully won’t be seen as something divisive, as we’re all aware now more than ever of having to work together,” he added.

Current discussions in the group include “what things need to develop in B2B, execution, how to approach social media, etc.” To join the group, click the link below or login to LinkedIn and search B2B creatives.

Interested parties can request to join the group here:B2B Creatives LinkedIn Group

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