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B2b companies are highly active in social media and here are the numbers to prove it. (Blog from E3 Network Agency, BBC). via Stats: b2b highly engaged in social media.

The fast pace of changes in the social media world  in the last couple of years has many marketers’ heads spinning. First came blogs, then MySpace, YouTube,  Facebook, and LinkedIn, and just a little over a year ago Twitter took off as the “essential” media tool of the decade. And that is just in the […]

At first glance, I thought this overview of ad spending by medium from Marketing was skewed. Surprisingly, only 16% of ad spending is online. But upon more considering, it’s obvious that internet spending for advertising is not as prevalent or expensive at TV and Broadcast media. It’s also probable that the spending numbers reflect […]

Let this be a warning to all budding advertisers who consider blog and web content fair game for commercial use … it’s not! It may be an international mystery to some how a Missouri family’s Christmas card photo ended up in the Czech Republic, splashed across a huge storefront advertisement — but my guess is […]

Many European nations have embraced the internet and seen a reduction in advertising spending in traditional media. Until now, that hasn’t been the case in Italy or Spain. But new statistics show that these more traditional nations may be catching up in the online arena. Young affluent users are more likely to be online, yet […]

In a recent blog post for Marketing Profs, Dana VanDen Heuvel talks about the importance of Thought Leadership as a marketing tool for B2B Marketers.  He summarizes a number of studies from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and others which show implicitly how Thought Leadership is among the top ways that B2B marketers can appeal […]

Media Buyer Planner reported that French president Nicolas Sarkozy has pledged nearly $780 million in emergency aid for his country’s troubled newspaper industry. France’s newspaper industry is among the least profitable in Europe. It is hampered by communist print unions and a lack of kiosks that sell papers, and suffers from a declining readership that […]