New Year’s Resolutions from the E3 Agency Network


Yes, it’s that time of year, when everyone, including agencies and even associations, think about making resolutions. In some cases, it’s about changing things that were wrong in the previous year. And in others, it’s about looking forward to a new perspective to encourage growth. In our case, maybe it’s a little of both?

So here we go. The E3 Network New Year’s Resolutions for 2012:

1. Stop being European. Ok. That might sound like a strange resolution for a European agency network, but honestly, our network has grown so much in the last two years, that we can’t really call ourselves European anymore. While in some circles invoking the name “European” has an elegant ring to it, on a more global level, it sounds very limiting to us. With members spread out across Asia, India, and North America, we need a more international name to go with our more international approach. So, we’ll just be the E3 Agency Network from now on.

2. Grow our internal international communications. Our agency members are all over the globe. At one time in the past, that may have been a very limiting possibility for actually working closely together. But not today. With all of the readily available international and social networks, communicating instantly from anywhere in the world, is not only possible, but also expected. So, one of our Network’s resolutions is to create our own instant, ongoing and essential internal communications channel…and we’ve already started it. Presently.

3. Become essential. Both to our members, and to our clients. Our network is not just about helping member agencies grow and learn. It’s also about actually doing. We are more than an association, not just a collection of agencies, but an international team that offers clients the possibility of connecting and working together on a global level. But in a very local way. With feet on the ground in more than 27 countries, our agencies offer front-line experience with an international flair. Keeping that going is about making the network matter, both to clients and members.

4. Be big. But not too big. While we like the idea of growing, and spreading our connections across the globe, we feel there is a natural limit. We avoid taking on new members that overlap in markets or focus, but also feel that there’s a happy balance between good reach and over-extended. We think we’ve just about found it. Our members will be the judge of that.

5. Be current. We added this one because, well, 5 is a good number. It might go without saying, but for agencies in the advertising and marketing business, staying current with trends, whether in business or social media, is always important. But being ubiquitous doesn’t lessen its importance as a yearly goal. For our Network, it’s not only about following the trends, but also setting them.

Happy new year to all our clients, friends and members! Wishing you a prosperous and successful year!


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