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Think you are hip to all the latest interactive technology for online demos? Consider Flash demos to be passé? Well at least one E3 Network agency may have one-upped you in the area of inventiveness when it comes to producing online brochures – in 3D no less. At E3’s Annual Meeting in Denmark, Chris Ongarello […]

E3 European Agency Network member agencies Recommended Finland  and Tangram for New Media will present a special seminar on mobile application and web development called “MAWD: A handheld future,’ in Helsinki, Finland, from 23-24 September 2010. Held at Recommended Finland’s offices at Töölönkatu 11A, the seminar is open to digital media consultants, designers and developers who are interested in learning […]

Ok, so this new “web site that  isn’t a web site” idea by Boone Oakley (a not-afraid-to-take-chances independent agency in North Carolina, USA) has received some accolades for being creative…but will it work? As agencies strive to be the first to come up with the next great idea, and integrate more forms of digital media […]

There’s a lot of hype now about the benefits of social media in the corporate world. Does it translate to the B2B world? How can you use social media to connect with your audiences? In a recent iMedia article, Andrew Rodrigues, discuss the “5 ways to create content for social media and SEO.” He explains […]

Web analytics is an incredibly important practice for every company, yet many get it wrong.  In an article for imedia connection, Andrew Edwards talks about why you should hire an expert to analyze your web site data. He says in-house staff just doesn’t have the time or expertise to do a proper job. But what […]

A successful web site redesign is about more than just the colors chosen and cool features added to the page. Careful planning that starts with a clear goal and measurable results are equally important. Yet, amazingly, a large number of redesigns are done backwards. A cool design is created and then goals and measurements are […]