Netural will offer social media conference


Social Media Conference: Meshed#3

E3 European Agency Network member Netural is hosting an international social media conference called “Meshed#3″ June 22 in Linz, Austria, which will be attended by about 400 people.


Communication in Social Media is increasingly dominated by live photos, info-graphics  (like this one from Linked In’s blog, and video snippets. This is a trend that will shape the future of Public Relations and Marketing. Come and learn more about how you can be prepared for this future.

Meshed#3 Social Media Conference

Location: Linz/Austria

  • 21 June 2011  //  Event warm-up and come together evening, meet and greet with next day’s speakers (exp. @ AEC) open for all meshed#3 participants
  • 22 June 2011  //  meshed#3 Social Media Conference at voestalpine Stahlwelt Museum in Linz. (View Map).  6 international speakers + 2 discussion panels (German and English, simultaneous translation).  Afterwards: meshed#3 gettogether. All conference attendees.

Special Workshop

(Additional day) for E3 Members Only:

  • 23 June 2011 //  E3 Social Media Workshop & Round Table. 20 – 40 participants  (English) E3 members only

For registration information, visit the Netural contact page.


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