Silver for BBC at the B2B Awards London


At the European B2B awards in London on Nov 25, 2010, E3 European Network member agency, BBC won the second prize as runner up in the category “Best Lead Generation Campaign” with its campaign “Failliet of niet” (Bankrupt or not) for D&B Belgium.

B2B marketing awards

European marketing event of the year
The B2B Awards in London are probably the largest B2B marketing event in Europe. For more than 10 years now, the highest honours have been awarded annually for the best B2B campaigns of the past year.

Silver for lead generation

BBC won the second prize as runner up in the category “Best Lead Generation Campaign” with its campaign “Failliet of niet” (Bankrupt or not) for D&B Belgium.

Anton Loos & Jordan Audenaert, the two managing partners of BBC, were able to receive the award in heart London and in the presence of more than 700 B2B marketers and entrepreneurs.


The campaign “Failliet of niet” is the forerunner to the campaign that was started in autumn 2010:

In the first phase, people could check online which companies – customers, prospects or suppliers – had gone bankrupt. They could freely ask online for more information on any business. The campaign had a counter which played a key role indicating live how many companies went bankrupt every week. It was run online, via DM and mobile bill boards.

There was also a guerrilla part wherein mobile signs along roads and in industrial zones indicated the number of businesses that had gone bankrupt in that week.


“In the current campaign, we’re going one step further,” says Anton Loos of BBC.

“Now companies can check up on any business as to whether it is financially healthy. You can search by company number and also by company name.”

Both campaigns were developed on behalf of and in close collaboration with Serge De Munck, Marketing Manager of D&B Belgium:

“The campaign has delivered a lot of actual projects and sales & revenue to our bottom line. Furthermore, we have been able to increase our prospects email database with hundreds of quality leads that might, not immediately but later, turn into customers.”

B2B Awards more international

Joel Harrison, organizer of the B2B Awards told us about his plans during the presentation. Even after 10 years the awards are still an almost exclusive UK affair. He wants it to have a more international character and to actively promote the awards in other European countries.

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