It’s all social media now, baby


Social media is definitely the hot new topic in the marketing world these days. Everyone’s doing it.  Or so they say. Does your company have a social media marketing strategy? For B2B brands, it’s not as easy at it looks, but at least one award-winning E3 Network Agency is taking social media seriously, for themselves and their B2B clients.

BBC Creativity not only has a great web site, with blog, twitter and facebook feeds, but has their finger on the pulse of the digital marketing world.

Check out these two posts from their recent blog:

A (late) question for Twitter: what are ‘promoted’ tweets about?

Have you noticed the “Promoted Tweets” that Twitter added back in April? For those in the know, this how Twitter is planning to monitize their service (finally). Ad Age called them Twitter’s new “Business Model”.

 BBC makes some good points about them here, but for those of us in the advertising world, perhaps this means another avenue of paid promotion? What do you think?

promoted tweets

So funny. So true. Dilbert on Social Media.

And here’s a great funny about social media courtesy of the BBC Blog “So funny. So true. Dilbert on Social Media.”

We have to say, if this is how your B2B company is approaching social media, maybe it’s time to rethink your social media strategy, and get with the program?

What do you think?

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