Are you struggling to keep up with social media trends?


The fast pace of changes in the social media world  in the last couple of years has many marketers’ heads spinning. First came blogs, then MySpace, YouTube,  Facebook, and LinkedIn, and just a little over a year ago Twitter took off as the “essential” media tool of the decade.

And that is just in the USA. If you talk international social media trends, the growth of sites such as Xing, Mister Wong and Social go ad to the list of social media tools marketers are expected to master.

So how are marketers keeping up with it all? Well, maybe not so well, or at least not as well as they would like.

A May 2010 survey from The Creative Group found that 65% of US marketing executives found it difficult to keep up with changes with social media.

Check out this info from eMarketer:

social media survey

How to stay on top of it all

One way to stay on top of all the social media tools is it use monitoring sites to manage your social media activity, and monitor what people are saying about your brand online.

According to emarketer, the most common way marketers stay on top of social media trends is through conferences or seminars:

emarketer survey

A good article listing some of the essential social media monitoring tools every marketer should keep under his belt is “10 Free Social Media Tools Every PR Pro Should Master” by Adam Vincenzini on the Social Media Marketers Blog.

Mashable also posted a good list of social media tools a few months back, “10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Entrepreneuers.”

How are you doing?

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