5 reasons why companies recruit on Facebook


(Originally posted in Dutch on the BBC blog, B2B Marketing, Belgium. Translated and used by E3 Network with permission).

Facebook announced reaching more than 3.500.000 users in Belgium a while ago. Now there is a number you cannot deny anymore. But does it contain potential for recruiters?

BBC Facebook Belgium

More than 3 million Belgians are on Facebook today. Thinking about joining Facebook for recruitment? Here are five short reasons why.

  1. Support SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Your presence on Facebook helps you score better in search engine results. In the recently revamped Google you can also search for ‘updates’. These are real-time search results in social media like Facebook and Twitter. You will get the best results when you integrate your online efforts: cross-promote your websites. Link your jobsite to your pages in social media – and create social media streams on your website.
  2. The authenticity of ambassadors works
    Ambassadors are ideal to strengthen your employer brand and defend it when necessary.
    A well-managed Facebook profile gives your company a living identity. People tend to feel themselves more engaged with living beings than a logo.

    Do you have enthusiastic coworkers who like to talk about their work? Let them be the faces and voices of your company: let them talk about their job, their ups and downs, their working environment. Visualize the atmosphere by showing pictures of company trips, events, special occasions…

    But let them share work-related content too: links with extra tips and info about your business, new insights, links to blog posts, awards you won, new clients and projects…

  3. Position yourself as an open employer
    By communicating actively with Facebook users, your employer brand becomes an open and authentic voice: you show that your door is always open and that you like to take part in the conversation. And if people start talking about your company in a positive – or negative way -, you can join in.
  4. Spread job postings
    You can easily publish job postings automatically on your Facebook page with HRM-tools like Persis, Taleo or Igrasp. With a ‘send-to-a-friend’ button, users can share jobs with just one click.

    The reach will not be as broad as with classic advertising in print; but the job may suit the people better who receive the posting because it was forwarded by a friend: people only forward a job offer if they are almost sure the job fits their personality.

  5. Stand out and create sticky interactive apps
    Facebook has a rather open policy for apps. A fun online quiz? An original e-card? A game? Everything can be developed and made available on your Facebook page, ready to be enjoyed, used and shared. These are small differences that can make your employer brand stand out to attract more people.

Forgotten something?
There are probably far more reasons to use Facebook as an employer – or maybe not?
Feel free to let us know!


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