Marketing Insights from Denmark: E3 Annual Meeting


Between volcanic ash and hurricane-strength winds, getting to this year’s E3 Network Annual General Meeting in Århus Denmark wasn’t so easy for some E3 European Agency Network members. But it was a successful meeting for the group, where five new member agencies were welcomed and three gold awards for the “Best of Europe” campaigns were awarded.

E3 annual general meeting Recommended Denmark


E3 Annual General Meeting Denmark

One highlight of the two-day event was a surprise dinner at a new kind of private concept dining restaurant in a test kitchen called “BETA,” located at Vesterbro Torv in Århus tucked away on the third floor. With a theme of “fast food,” chef Mads Nybroe, former co-owner of Restaurant Prins Ferdinand in Århus, offered his interpretation of ready-to-eat foods most people might get from a box or drive-through window. But his fresh presentations offered a unique and unexpected culinary twist. From fried spaghetti with “Heinz” (and seaweed) to “canned” ravioli that were anything but, it was an impressive meal the group will not likely forget.

Fast Food at Beta

Mads Nybroe, Chef at BETA created his version of “fast food.”

Equally impressive were the offices of Recommended Denmark and the personal chef the agency keeps on staff to regularly feed lunch to their own talented staff. If you are ever lucky enough to be offered a job at Recommended Denmark, let me just say the awe-inspiring offices and culinary perks alone might be reason enough to say yes! But their award-winning creative talent and forward-thinking strategic marketing are sure to seal the deal.

The cultural enrichment part of the meeting included a private tour of the Aros Aarhus Art Museum featuring a photographic exhibit JACOB HOLDTS AMERIKA. Now that is one cross-cultural experience no one will forget. The Danish photographer presents his uncensored view of the “other” side of America from the perspective of some of the country’s poorest and most ostracized residents.

The fun event was topped off with an awards dinner at the top of the Recommended Denmark‘s office building at Filmbyn 4 – a room with a view of the harbor and amazing perspective from any angle. Many AGM attendees were seen checking out the scene at Train at Toldbodgade 6 in the hip part of Aarhus’s nightlife until the wee hours. We won’t disclose which member of which agency was nominated for the Dancing Queen award, but let’s just say he’s giving John Travolta a bad name.

Leaving the next morning bright and early wasn’t so easy on less than full night’s sleep (or in some cases, less than an hour’s sleep), but we hear reports everyone made it to their flights on time. Not that all the flights left on time, however, as our favorite Icelandic volcano continued to pay tribute to the heavens with more ash clouds that grounded flights through Reykjavik once again. At least if you have to be stranded in an airport for 10 hours, Copenhagen is one that can make it enjoyable. And what finer place than an international airport could there be to ponder cross-cultural relations?


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