Marketers Struggle with Results, IT


For most marketers, understanding results is key not only to know what works and what doesn’t, but also to have ammunition for ROI when budgeting. Yet, in spite of the importance of it, many marketers find that getting the data they need isn’t as easy as they’d like. Take this report from  from Unica, for example. Their recent survey showed that marketers around the world face some of the same challenges in getting data.

Marketers Struggle with Results, IT.

IT bottlenecks could have serious consequences as more than eight in 10 marketers (84%) plan to leverage at least one emerging marketing channel in the next 12 months, according to previous results from the Unica study. Only 14% do not currently use any emerging marketing channels and do not plan to do so within 12 months.

The three major emerging marketing channels: social media, rich media, and mobile, all have high rates of current and expected usage among marketers. However, social media (e.g., blogs, Facebook, user communities), is by far the most popular of the three.

About the Survey: The Unica Global Marketing Survey was fielded to more than 150 online and direct marketing professionals in partnership with Salloway & Associates. Online surveys were completed in Q4 2009 within two geographic regions among Unica customers and prospective customers. North America represents respondents from the US and Canada. Europe represents respondents from 12 European countries that are large technology markets.

What is your experience with IT?


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