Newbies Field Guide to Twitter


So everyone’s doing it. Twittering. But is it really effective for business? If done right, the answer is yes.

Well, maybe. That really depends on your overall marketing goals and your plan, of course, but if you want to know how to add Twitter to your mix, but sure to check out the new “Field Guide” from Marketing Profs.

As Steven Berlin Johnson wrote in his Time Magazine cover story on Twitter in June, “The one thing you can say for certain about Twitter is that it makes a terrible first impression.” The service allows you to send 140-character updates to your “followers,” he writes, “and you think, Why does the world need this, exactly?”

In their field guide, Anne Hadley and Beth Harte cover the basics of why and how you can use Twitter for business. They answer 29 questions, including:

1. What is Twitter?

2. I don’t get it… What’s the value?

3. Why does everyone talk about what they ate for lunch?

4. Why is Twitter 140 Characters?

5. So Twitter is just a communications tool?

6. How do I find people to follow that might like my product/service?

7. What are retweets and hashtags? How can I use them?

8. How do I reply to a Tweet?

9. What’s a “DM”?

10. What does “RT” or “Retweet” mean?

11. Do I need to respond to everyone who sends me a tweet?

12. How can I tell whether someone is talking about my industry on Twitter?

13. Why aren’t people following my Twitter account?

14. Do I have to say anything? Can I just listen?

15. Can anyone read my Tweets? Will Google index them?

They also list a couple of great resources for getting started on Twitter. Take a look.


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