Even the Czech Republic is closer than you think!


Let this be a warning to all budding advertisers who consider blog and web content fair game for commercial use … it’s not!

It may be an international mystery to some how a Missouri family’s Christmas card photo ended up in the Czech Republic, splashed across a huge storefront advertisement — but my guess is that the mother’s inclusion of the photo in her online  blog might have given some people the idea that her photo was free content.

How did this Missouri family's Christmas card photo end up in a Czech store advertisement?

The story has received a lot of media coverage…and may have some people in the advertising world wondering…what kind standards do advertisers in other parts of the world have?

The the real message here, I think, is that the world is not as big as you might assume.

Perhaps the owner of this shop, or the advertising agency that created the campaign, thought that a family half-way around the world in Missouri wouldn’t possibly see point-of-sale and outdoor ads in the Czech Republic. What are the chances that a friend of the family would be living in Prague while this billboard was up?  But in this global world of international connections and instant Facebook communication, you can’t count on keeping the world away from even the most remote village in the Sudan, never mind Europe!

And perhaps there is a lesson in here for mothers and others who willingly share the private moments of their family life with the world through online media — the world IS looking! (What did you expect?)

But Smith apparently did learn from this incident, as she says she plans to use a lower resolution photo or add a watermark to any future photos she adds to her blog site. Probably good advice to anyone who wants to copyright or discourage theft of their content.

What do you think?


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