Most Creative Ad Agency Site Ever – or Plain Silly?


Ok, so this new “web site that  isn’t a web site” idea by Boone Oakley (a not-afraid-to-take-chances independent agency in North Carolina, USA) has received some accolades for being creative…but will it work?

As agencies strive to be the first to come up with the next great idea, and integrate more forms of digital media into their lifeblood, was it inevitable that someone tried creating a web site that isn’t?

For a while, designing the most creative web site with all the latest bells and whistles and twirling JPEGs was the new hot thing. Then creating a web site with customer interaction was the “bomb.” Then having a blog on your web site was De rigueur. Now we’re seeing agencies forsaking  web sites entirely in favor of Facebook or LinkedIn pages, or even blogs.

This one goes a step further. The new Boone Oakley site is created entirely by a series of YouTube videos. Pretty ingenious really, but will it go down in history as a brilliant idea, or technology stunt gone too far?

On the plus side, the approach helps the agency gain tons of publicity from bloggers (like AdFreak and Digital Buzz)  and mainstream media alike. On the negative side, it’s not doing much for the agency’s long tail search engine optimization (SEO). But who needs SEO when you have YouTube page rank and Twitter buzz?

What do you think?


5 Responses to “Most Creative Ad Agency Site Ever – or Plain Silly?”

  1. That is quite possibly the coolest marketing idea I’ve seen so far this year. Since YouTube now incorporates in-video links, I think that an idea like this could really work as a funny viral marketing tool.

    The downside, of course, is that the functionality of these ads is greatly limited by the format. I doubt that this will become a long-term trend, but rather will go down as a brilliant viral-marketing campaign.

    Well done, Boone Oakley!

  2. 2 seo-what

    I don’t get the whole SEO argument. The site has been published in 250+ other blogs. Inbound linking through the roof with pretty relevant content.

  3. I think that the point is that the folks over at Boone Oakley are getting all their SEO done for them without having to resort to any internal SEO on their part. The viral aspect of this campaign has put Boone Oakley on hundreds of blogs (including mine), and has spurred a lot of hype on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

  4. Yes, Mike, that is the point. Ingenious.

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