Will social media work for you?


There’s a lot of hype now about the benefits of social media in the corporate world. Does it translate to the B2B world? How can you use social media to connect with your audiences?

In a recent iMedia article, Andrew Rodrigues, discuss the “5 ways to create content for social media and SEO.” He explains how you can use social media to create content your customers want. The trick is to LISTEN first and then use the words they use to describe their needs (and your products). That second part ties into the SEO effort. If you plan your social media activities around your keywords (the ones your customers actually use) you can create campaigns that not only extend your marketing budget, but also help increase your web site’s SEO.

Another good point Andrew makes about using social media is to include options on your web site to allow users to Share, Digg and Post your content on places like LinkedIn and Facebook. It  helps increase the impact of viral marketing for your brand. There is the SEO effect, of course, that inbound links give your site, but perhaps equally important is the reach you get from allowing others to share your content at their discretion. Are you using it?

Don’t be afraid to branch out from old-school text and print media. Video, podcasts, blogs and user-generated content (such as product reviews) give your brand message legs. Set it free!

Do you Digg it?

If you need help knowing which social media sites to include in your efforts, a good place to start is with the social media aggregators like ShareThis or Add This. Both of these services give you an instant widget to place on your web site that allows users to share your content on some of the most popular social media sites or through RSS feeds.  It might also give you an idea of which social media sites people are using. You can even find statistics about it there.
So, there you have it, now share it!


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