Three Great Marketing Blog Lists


Wondering which blogs you should be reading? Not sure what the (other) top marketing minds are discussing? Check out several great lists of the top marketing blogs from “Those Who Know.”

Several sites have ranked what they consider to be the “Best of the Best.” Let us know which ones you think are on target. It’s nice to have company.

I )  Top 50 Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2009 (Evan Carmichael)

Last year, Evan Carmichael’s list of top marketing blogs became one of the most referenced on the internet. This year, he’s updated his list to include some newcomers as well as giving credit to some old favorites.

Evan’s top 10 includes:

1. Seth Godin’s Blog

2. Duct Tape Marketing Blog

3. Marketing Sherpa

4. ProBlogger

5. Dosh Dosh

6. John Cow

7. Garry Conn

8. Uberaffiliate

9. CopyBlogger

10. Web Strategy

II) Junta42’s Top 42 Content Blogs

Junta42 has published a list of the top marketing content blogs and includes sites ranging from Search Engine Marketing to Social Media to Advertising. Based on a ranking system of community members, the list provides a good overview of what your peers in the marketing community are reading.

1. Online Marketing

2. Copyblogger

3. Writing on the Web

4. Influential Marketing Blog

5. Web Ink Now

6. Marketing with Meaning

7. Nigel Hollis

8. Conversation Agent

9. Buzz Marketing for Technology

10. Post Advertising

III) Ad Age’s Power 150 Blog List

The advertising industry’s illustrious print magazine, Ad Age, ranks the top media and marketing blogs. The top 10 include:

1. Seth’s Blog

2. Search Engine Land

3. Ads of the World

4. Copyblogger

5. []

6. Micro Persuasion

7. Adrants

8. Search Engine Watch


10. ProBlogger

What’ s on your top 5 ?

Do you have a favorite marketing, international (or cross-cultural) marketing blog not listed here? Tell us your favs so we can make our own list!


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